History of the Programme and past conferencesEfforts to start discussions on consciousness studies at National Institute of Advanced Studies commenced with Dr R.L. Kapur and Prof. B.V. Sreekantan joining NIAS in the initial years of its inception.
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Webcasts from the international conference in 2012.
Watch Videos of Lectures by Stuart Hameroff, Anil K Seth, Josep Call and others ...

Several landmark national and international conferences were organized by this group at NIAS such as “Scientific and Philosophical Studies in Consciousness” (1998, NIAS).This meeting was the first conference in India bringing together scientists, philosophers, artists, et.al. to seek answers for fundamental questions on consciousness and human identity. Other major conferences co-organised are “Science and Metaphysics: Consciousness and Genetics” (2002, NIAS); “Science and Beyond” (2003, NIAS); “Consciousness, Experience and Ways of Knowing” (2006, NIAS). Major scientific and philosophical institutions in India, United States and Europe sponsored these conferences.The latest conference and fifth in the series was organized during 5-7 January 2012, on “Looking Within: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Consciousness”. “Looking Within: Interdisciplinary approaches to Consciousness” was inspired by our mandate to bring to timely discussion the challenging questions in the broad areas of consciousness covering neurophysics, animal cognition and the self. 
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Conference Flyers, programme and photographs
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