Read Introduction to INSIGHTS

First Meeting - 4 July 2015, 10.30 am @NIAS Conference Hall
(Tea/Coffee/Cookies - 10.00 am)

- "Opening Showers" (10 to 15 minutes each) on SPACE by:
Jayant Murthy (physics) - Read Note
Binoy V V (cognitive science/biology) - Read Note (coming soon)
Venkat Rayudu (mathematics) - Read Note
Sanam Roohi (social sciences) - Read Note

If you wish to contribute to the meeting or participate in the meeting write to

- "Cross-talks" (between Jayant, Binoy, Venkat and Sanam for 15 minutes)

- Discussion for "Insights" (for 20 minutes)
Gagan Deep Kaur, Naresh Keerthi, and Aditya Ravikumar

- Open discussion (participants can write and deposit their questions in the "Questions Basket"kept on the table, in advance, or raise them extempore ... )

- Moderator
Sangeetha Menon

INSIGHTS questions on SPACE

In this meeting, INSIGHTS on SPACE will emerge from perspectives on physical SPACE,
biological/neurological SPACE, mathematical SPACE, and social/cultural/gendered SPACE.

a. Did SPACE originate at a particular period of time, or was it always there for
the discipline to start with?

b. Do SPACE have various connotations conceptually, and such differences were reflected in the theories and approaches across historic times?

c. What is SPACE? Or is even a common overarching definition possible?

d. What are the foundations and functions of the concept of SPACE? 
Are there allied concepts? In which case can SPACE be replaced by those concepts? 
How does SPACE and allied concepts facilitate knowledge and experience?

e. How does SPACE lead to further understanding of objects or people, or mechanisms etc? 
Why is SPACE important for the structures of thinking and processes of knowing?

e. How important is SPACE in influencing human experiences, interactions, engagements, and social, communal and personal life?

f. What do you think are the most important ways by which SPACE has informed ways of understanding and representing human experiences?