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We live in a time when the emotions we behold, identity we carry, memories we retain, decisions we take, unconscious responses we make, and the free will we exercise  - all impact the fundamental  nature of  our consciousness, and determine how it is going to express or evolve. The 2015 international conference will raise questions, reflect upon the most exciting possibilities, and debate upon the fundamental aspects of consciousness which lies in the cusp of philosophy, neurosciences, artificial intelligence, physics and medical humanities.

In this Conference we will raise questions such as:  

  • what is the relation between consciousness and self?
  • what is animal consciousness?
  • can the brain-machine interface create virtual reality?
  • is the information in consciousness computable?
  • how does quantum mechanics explain consciousness and reality?
  • how does visual brain create the sense of the sublime?
  • what happens to the brain and consciousness during anesthesia?
  • what is the role of empathy , altruism, and the social brain?
  • why is it important to discuss moral agency while studying the mind?
  • how do we understand self and consciousness in the cultural context?
  •  how important is consciousness studies for 21st century science and philosophy?
  • is consciousness studies taking us to the next scientific revolution?

    The focal themes for the Conference are:

    - Evolution of Consciousness 
    - The Animal Mind
     - Anesthesia and Consciousness 
    - Memory, Emotion and Cognition 
    - Neuro-economics and Decision-making
    - Quantum Hypothesis and Consciousness 
    - Consciousness and Information in Technology and Biological systems 
    - Computational Neuroscience 
    - Brain, Computability and Consciousness 

    - Is the Self  illusory or deeply experiential? 
    - Self, Agency and Consciousness 
    - Empathy and Social Neuroscience 
    - Language and Cognition
    - Brain-Machine Interfaces
    - Culture and Consciousness
    - Neuroaesthetics and Consciousness
    - Mind and Medical Humanities

    Interested in making a presentation?

    You are invited to make presentations in the form of Poster. Those interested to present a Poster at the Conference may send an Abstract (~500 words) and Title latest by 1 August 2015 to the email id Submissions will go through a review process and selected presenters will be informed by 1 September 2015. The Conference registration fee will be waived off for the selected Poster presenters and they will be given free accommodation for the conference duration, and train fare support towards travel.


    Be an "Invited Young Scholar" to the Conference

    We have some openings to invite few young faculty and students as "Invited Young Scholar" to the Conference. To apply write to us - - with a statement of interest you have on the conference topic or the subject of consciousness or related fields, with some notes on your background, and also a resume.
    Selected young scholars will be given train fare support for travel, free accommodation for the duration of the conference, and registration fee will be waived off for them.



About NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme


The NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme is an interdisciplinary programme of the National Institute of Advanced Studies situated in the campus of Indian Institute of Science, in Bangalore, India. The Programme brings in philosophy, cognitive sciences, animal studies, psychology, creativity studies, physics and the neurosciences in its research mandate. The NIAS Programme on Consciousness Studies began in NIAS in 1992.

Our Focus ...
There is a need to look at human experiences and consciousness as a whole, and in the interdisciplinary context of the humanities, biological, cognitive and the physical sciences. The Consciousness Studies Programme at NIAS, while adopting a larger framework, is disciplinarily grounded in humanities, neurophysics, behavioural and cognitive sciences, neurosciences and neuropsychiatry.

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Why Consciousness Studies?

It is the subject for cutting egde interdisciplinary research in the 21st century with questions concerning life in general and human mind and cognition in particular.Because of developments in the areas of neurosciences, neuropsychology, neurophilosophy, relevant areas of physics and cosmology over the past 20 years, this field has become an active area of research in various countries. There have been more than a hundred books published on the related topics in recent years.

The Way Forward

Today, consciousness studies have implications in varied planes of human interactions questioning our fundamental assumptions about origins of life, nature of subjective experiences, and human wellbeing. Along side is the pertinent enquiry into the presence and nature of consciousness in non-human species.