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What is consciousness? What is the role of self-conscious emotions? Should we distinguish between the functions of consciousness from that of cognition?Read More ...

India has the advantage of having valuable insights from traditional wisodm philosophies, whose importance is increasingly recognised in recent years, especially the Vedantic and Buddhist wisdom traditions among other systems such as Samkhya and Nyaya.

The Programme focuses on several of the fundamental problems, which bridge the biological sciences, including neuroscience, physical sciences and the humanities to address different aspects of consciousness, its nature and functions. Such work will mostly adopt analytical and qualitative methodology, and fundamental research.


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Do non-human species have consciousness? Social animals appear to be knowledgeable about one another’s behaviour to different extents. But do they know as much about one another’s beliefs and intentions? Read More ...


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Read our latest bookInterdisciplinary Perspectives on Consciousness and the Self
Eds. Sangeetha Menon, Anindya Sinha & BV Sreekantan
Brain, Self and Consciousness


Is the Self-sense different from the Body-sense? What essentially constitutes the self-sense? How does the brain represent and map the self- and body-sense distinctly?Read More ...


Publications from Sangeetha Menon Brain, Self and Consciousness








Brain, Self and Consciousness: Explaining the conspiracy of consciousness





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